DOC Community Fund

What is the DOC Community Fund?

The DOC Community Fund provides funding to community-led
conservation projects for natural heritage and recreation throughout New Zealand. The
fund enables others to do conservation by providing funding for projects with measurable
conservation outcomes.

This is a government initiative that funds community-led conservation projects that focus on
natural heritage and recreation on private and public land and waters and is administered by
the Department of Conservation. Grants from the fund are made from the NZ Biodiversity Funds and appropriations of the Department of Conservation.

The DOC Community Fund is directed at:
1. Practical, on-the-ground projects which:
– Maintain and restore the diversity of our natural heritage;
– Enable more people to participate in recreation and connect with and enjoy New
Zealand’s natural environment;
– Encourage more people to engage with conservation and value its benefits;
2. Projects that have a transformational impact on conservation growth in New Zealand.