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Mistakes Flat Hut Renovation

Back before the weather started making things a bit tricky. Mike Lagan and other members of the South Canterbury Recreational Sportsman’s Club got into Mistakes Flat Hut a few times to get a few things sorted out. Read their full report, including some interesting history about this hut here: Mistakes Flat Report

Kill Devil Carpark and Access

The Outdoor Recreation Consortium is all about local people caring for the places they love, and it has been great to be able to support Anne Meyer, Beverley Johnson and Max Polglase and Beverley Johnson adopt the Kill Devil carpark, the entrance to a true backcountry paradise.


The Kill Devil carpark is the gateway to the Waingaro River/Stanley river/Anatoki circuit, which has features like Riordans Hut, Waingaro Forks Hut, Soper Shelter and Lonely Lake Hut (a side trip). The whole area is a tribute to the local community (including DOC staff) who care passionately about this place.

Thanks Anne, Max and Bev for your contribution. Read their full report here: Final summary to The Consortium – Kill Devil Carpark 2017

Wanaka Faces Hut

The Wanaka Faces hut recently restored by members of the Upper Clutha Deerstalkers, with support from the Department of Conservation, was originally built in the 1930’s as musterers accommodation for Glen Dene Station…read more here: Wanaka Faces Report

Frisco looking Frisky

Frisco Hut, high above the Hokitika river on an obscure spur of the remote Diedrichs range, is quite a spot if you can get there. It is now a long way towards being good to go for another 50 years. thanks to the efforts of Paul Reid and team. Read more about their excellent efforts here: Frisco trip report May 2017


Ivory Lake

Ivory Lake hut – a destination of a lifetime for many New Zealand outdoors folk – has had a sensitive and skilled renovation by a group of West Coast locals, and kayakers. One of the great things about having volunteers more actively involved in the maintenance of our backcountry huts again is that huts are once again becoming things of beauty, yes weatherproofness and cleanliness are great, but don’t the small touches really make a difference.

Read the full report, complete with pictures, here: Ivory Lake Hut Maintenance

Explorer Hut

Another big effort from volunteers in the west coast hills. A party led by Alistair McDonald has done a great job saving Explorer Hut, which sits on a low saddle between the Mikonui and Hokitika catchments, from certain ruin. Alistair has prepared an excellent report, which is a useful read for others considering hut maintenance projects (it will be added to our must read reports at www.hutsandtracks.org.nz/resources). But in the meantime read the full report here: Explorer report

Thomas River Revived

Below is the latest report from Geoff Spearpoint and friends revival of the Thomas River Hut in South Westland. The report is well worth reading for the illustrations of the type of work done and techniques used.  Read here: Thomas River Hut

Mt Fell Hut – Relocated and Ready

Nelson Tramping Club President and FMC Executive member Pat Holland reports on the successful relocation of Mt Fell hut at Labour Weekend.

“Just a short report on the efforts at Labour Weekend to complete the relocation of Mt Fell Hut begun in June with the move by airforce chopper to adjacent to its new site. The following work team of 5 choppered into the new hut site on Saturday morning (see also pic).

Silvano Lorandi, Richard Walker (Waimea TC), Bob Janssen, Kate Krawczyk
Graeme Ferrier.

[rev_slider mtfell]


Led by Silvano, they beavered away for two solid days with some minor assistance later by another 7 from Nelson TC, including myself, who walked up from Timms Creek. The pile holes were dug and piles concreted in; the hut moved down slope from its temporary site the 4-5 metres  onto the new foundations; all secured with various fasteners (including up the studs under the tin cladding); porch bearers/floor repaired with new piles; water tank moved onto temporary pad against back of hut. This and the final cleanup was all completed by the Monday morning and the whole party then walked back out to Timms Creek.

This all went very smoothly and efficiently thanks to Silvano’s excellent planning and leadership. And assisted by your team’s preliminary work including moving the toilet and water supply. The hut is basically very sound and in good order at its final location. It awaits your inspection and installation of the cabling tie-downs. The new location is fantastic with the views across the forested ridge to Mt Fishtail and out across Cook Strait. Great choice and we are sure this hut will soon be getting used more than in the past.

We are very excited to be involved in this project and have begun planning for the next phase of the renovation. The following jobs need further discussion with your team:

Installation of the new fireplace.
Building of permanent platform for the water tank (perhaps as part of a small deck and steps at the entrance).
Construction of a small woodshed (iron sheathed, perhaps after re-roofing the hut).
Installation of a larger ss bench.
Repainting inside and out.

Silvano will prepare for you a short report detailing key technical details of the work undertaken this past weekend. I attach a few snapshots. We look forward to progressing the next steps in the renovation.

Kind regards,

Patrick Holland
Nelson Tramping Club”

Goat Creek Hut Spruced Up

An enthusiastic report recently received from the Buller Tramping Club…Great Stuff.

“On the weekend 4 Buller Tramping Club members helicoptered into GoatCreek Hut to give it a massive spring clean, paint the outside with paint provided by DOC Westport and Stock up the firewood pile.  This was all made possible when the Club put in an application to the Outdoor Recreation Consortium’s Huts and Tracks fund for money to provide the helicopter flights in and out with the gear. Thank You so much without your help we could not have done this.

A fantastic hard working team including Muriel Donald, Nick Wilson, Mike Wellington and Christine Wellington spent 2 days long days working and of course having a great time, to help preserve this historic beauty.  Lots of heavy wood cut, carried and stored ready for the cooler months. Hut fully painted top to bottom and a real spring clean inside matresses washed down cupboards cleaned rubbish removed. Just such a wonderful spot to spend the weekend.  Lots and lots of cyclists visiting to have lunch on their way through the OGR

Those of you that have been into Goat Creek will agree she is looking a million dollars now, lets hope with its spruce up that trampers, cyclists and day tripers all respect the work done and pack in and pack out : leave no rubbish behind.”

Horse access restored through Boyle Gorge

The Hanmer Springs Horse Riders are going a great job on behalf of the growing number of Backcountry Horse Riders restoring access and enhancing facilities on the St James Conservation Area, and they get out and about in the depths of winter. Read the full report here:Reinstating a horse track through the Boyle Gorge