An enthusiastic report recently received from the Buller Tramping Club…Great Stuff.

“On the weekend 4 Buller Tramping Club members helicoptered into GoatCreek Hut to give it a massive spring clean, paint the outside with paint provided by DOC Westport and Stock up the firewood pile.  This was all made possible when the Club put in an application to the Outdoor Recreation Consortium’s Huts and Tracks fund for money to provide the helicopter flights in and out with the gear. Thank You so much without your help we could not have done this.

A fantastic hard working team including Muriel Donald, Nick Wilson, Mike Wellington and Christine Wellington spent 2 days long days working and of course having a great time, to help preserve this historic beauty.  Lots of heavy wood cut, carried and stored ready for the cooler months. Hut fully painted top to bottom and a real spring clean inside matresses washed down cupboards cleaned rubbish removed. Just such a wonderful spot to spend the weekend.  Lots and lots of cyclists visiting to have lunch on their way through the OGR

Those of you that have been into Goat Creek will agree she is looking a million dollars now, lets hope with its spruce up that trampers, cyclists and day tripers all respect the work done and pack in and pack out : leave no rubbish behind.”